Introducing:  the Mirabilis.

This miraculous flower is a persistent and greatly creative plant, flexibly growing around her environment. In so doing, she always finds the right way.

Also known as the plant of the nocturnal, her blossoms will open only in the evening or in concealed sunlight. Nighttime fuels her creativity. She does not demand much of the ground she grows on and loves to entwine her West Germanic tendrils in two different directions. In the evenings, the blossoms emit a sweet, very pleasant scent.

The Mirabilis has found her way in various territories. Her colour palette varies depending on the ground’s quality and the climate, and ranges from white and yellow to deep purple shades, but there are also bicoloured cultivars that show two different colours on one single petal. Plants with such petals are highly coveted.

Each single plant develops a large number of blossoms which is a real masterpiece for the miraculous flower to do, as each blossom flourishes for only one night. She constantly develops new tendrils and ideas and shows her profuse flowerage for many weeks. At night you can enjoy her shining colours and her unique, amazing scent. She gets her pollination and inspiration from butterflies.

An imperfect blossom is hard to find.